Rise Buttock Enhancement Demand Through Plastic Surgery

Buttock  Demand

The need for plastic surgery to enhance the appearance of increasing in recent years. Not just the face that need to be repaired, but also parts of the body, including the buttocks. According to data from the US Institute of Plastic Surgery, one of the plastic surgical procedures is the trend is tightening and raising the buttocks (buttock enhancement). In 2013 and this procedure has been performed 10,000 times. The amount is up 16 percent compared to the year 2012.

Buttock enhancement is one way to form rounded and solid buttocks through plastic surgery. This action is done by lifting the buttocks excess fat and elevate the buttocks with implants shape.

There are two kinds of actions that can be done to have the ideal shape of the buttocks, namely the transfer of fat and silicone implants. Liposuction fat transfer is in the area of arms, inner thighs, and stomach, which is then transferred to the moderation by injecting fat into the buttocks area. While silicone implants made by adding the volume of buttocks with the installation of gel implants, such as in the breast.

This surgery is usually successful actions reveal a very natural result. However, these actions must be performed by a competent plastic surgeon

Body Statistics Table

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Body Measurements
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