Scoliosis Surgery Risk We Should Aware

Some people keep wondering about scoliosis surgery risk as said by many people. The bending of the spine, or scoliosis should be treated seriously. Moreover, if the curve of the bending of the spine exceeds 40 degrees, the handling cannot be done only by exercise therapy or the use of a brace.

The only way the scoliosis treatment is by surgery. But sometimes not all patients want to do it. They reasoned that spinal surgery are at high risk. Cases of paralysis, bleeding and death sometimes occurs after surgery. Therefore, although the operation helped improve the condition of the spine, many patients are still free to do so. They are scared of scoliosis surgery risk. But in the 1990s, a glimmer hope appear. With the support of advanced technologies, since 10 years ago the smaller.

Application of technology it is also done by hospitals in dealing with scoliosis patients, using equipment called Intra Operative Nerve Monitoring (IONM).Even with IONM, severe scoliosis operation up to 130 degrees can be carried out properly and safely. Not only that, the operation of the cervical area previously highly risky is no longer a major obstacle. However, the use of advanced tools that require the support of a team of experts, namely specialist neurophysiology.

Benefits of IONM itself actually is able to show the nerve function of patients at the time of surgery. IONM able to describe the function of the nerves that conduct signals to nerve movement (motor) patients. In the operation process, through the screen, the doctor will see clearly the nerve, although it has a function in nerve signal conduction in a matter of seconds. IONM can detect signals from the lower body sensation to the brain.

Body Statistics Table

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