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Scoliosis Treatment Surgery

Nowadays, many patients tried to searching for about scoliosis treatment without surgery. Mild scoliosis can be detected during a routine physical examination. Usually the doctor will suspect the existence of scoliosis when a child has a shoulder that seems higher on one side or when the clothes worn apparently not neat or less “fit”. In most cases, doctors will be able to diagnose scoliosis based on a simple test, which tests leaned forward.

Scoliosis treatment without surgery is something possible today. Sometimes, the spine specialist may request inspection computed tomography (CT) scan, especially when their bones have an abnormal shape of the spine. Such conditions are usually found in congenital scoliosis in which one or more vertebrae has a shape like segitia (hemivertebra) . Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the spine also needs to be done if the scoliosis is not included in a typical scoliosis (ie scoliosis in children female adolescents, with arch scoliosis to the right in the middle back). The reason for doing an MRI examination is to ensure there is no problem on the spinal cord or brain complicates the scoliosis.

And one of scoliosis treatment without surgery is by using a brace for the back spine. The management of scoliosis depends on the curvature, age and other factors. If the arch needs to be corrected, brace is usually the first choice. However, many people who suffer from severe scoliosis so that operation becomes the first choice. Now it is easier to do this operation because of the more advanced technology in terms of instrumentation and spinal nerve monitoring during surgery and can give you the flexibility to move back to normal.

If you have a curvature of 25 to 40 degrees in your spine, and you are still in its infancy, your doctor may recommend that you wear a brace. The purpose of this is a brace to maintain spinal curvature becomes more severe during your growth.

For progressive scoliosis, individually designed brace which will be needed to keep the spine straight. Brace was created by supporting the pelvis to the chest / armpit, and should be worn for 16-20 hours a day. The brace is worn to the bone stops growing rapidly, typically when teens will reach the maximum height. The most common type of brace used is the Boston brace.

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