Some Brief Information about Facelift Plastic Surgery

Information Facelift Surgery

If you want to look younger than your real age, facial skin removal surgery may be helpful. Surgical removal of skin aims to eliminate wrinkles, either around the eyes, lips (smile lines), as well as on your forehead. In addition, this surgery will also make your skin becomes taut. Shape facial contours can be improved, such as beautify the shape of the nose, chin, jaw, cheek and others. Most people undergo a facelift between the ages of 50 to 65 years. But many younger people (40 years) and older (age 80 years) who underwent this surgery.

To determine whether you are the right candidate to do so, you should consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to discuss your options. During the consultation, the doctor will tell you everything you need to know about the benefits, risks, and recovery time. He also will make the final decision about whether you can continue with the surgical removal of the face, based on your skin type, age, medical history and so on. About two weeks before the procedure, you are advised to stop smoking completely. You have to stop this habit all the time of recovery. This is because smoking can hinder healing after surgery. Cigarettes will cause circulatory problems, so the recovery time is longer than usual.

Any surgery must have a risk. Although rare, the possibility of complications after surgery can occur, such as bleeding, nerve damage, allergic anesthesia, muscular paralysis, or the most severe can cause death. Because this procedure is still in the form of surgery, then you should seriously consider doing so. Always make sure your doctor is licensed and certified. Ask all the things about the facelift operation including maintenance costs and what should be done after the surgery with your doctor. Lastly, because of the cost that you would not a little bit, you should always take care of your skin.

Body Statistics Table

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