Special Treatment After Conducting Cataract Eye Surgery

Of course there is some special treatment after conducting cataract eye surgery procedure. What to do after cataract surgery? You are entitled to hospitalization or obtain a certificate of pain following cataract surgery, then try to rest.

You are allowed to read and watch TV. Light exercise also allowed. You can go out, but you should avoid crowds and dusty place. Wearing sunglasses when going out can help keep your eyes to stay comfortable and reduce sensitivity to light.

  • You will be given eye drops for about a month to prevent infection and reduce the risk of inflammation. Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully. If necessary, you can ask a family member or friend to help shed eyedrops. If you leave the house, make sure you have access to hand hygiene facilities so that you can clean your hands before putting drops eye.
  • For mild pain, you can consume paracetamol. If your pain does not get lost with this drug, call your doctor.
  • When you sleep, use eye protection which is granted for at least a week so that you do not press the operated eye.
  • What should I avoid after cataract surgery?

For the first few days, your view may be opaque, so be careful not to fall or injure your head or eyes, especially if the operated eye bandaged and the other eye can not see clearly.

  • Experience a variety of eye irritation and discharge eye after surgery is common. However, during the first month, avoid rubbing your eyes or holding. Also avoid dust or soapy water from getting into your eyes. Do not swim; soak in the hot tub, sauna or spa visit. This is due to a minor injury to your eyes, and you need to prevent it from being contaminated.

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