Thing You Need Consider Before Conducting Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure

Lasik Eye Procedure

There are some things you need consider before having lasik eye surgery procedure. Technology in Lasik procedure has developed very rapidly. Many technologically advanced tool that can help patients to avoid the risks. However, Dr. Lee Sao Bing, Medical Director Shinagawa Lasik and Eye Centre of Singapore, said that there are some things to consider before undergoing Lasik eye in order to avoid interference. It is important to know, especially for those who plan to perform LASIK surgery in order to eliminate eye disorders either plus or minus.

So what are the things we need consider before having lasik eye surgery procedure? The doctor said “Avoid the use of contact lenses one week before undergoing Lasik procedure. Because the routine use of contact lenses can cause corneal shape change.” Then, for every person who wants to undergo Lasik should be ascertained if she’s over 21 years and have a fairly stable size glasses for at least one year. There is no maximum age limit for those who want to undergo Lasik, provided they consult their health first. Also there is no minimum size minus or plus if you want to undergo Lasik. Everything is back to ourselves each, do we feel the need or not.

Before conducting lasik eye surgery procedure, the doctor also said that strictly prohibits pregnant women to undergo the Lasik procedure. According to him, during pregnancy not only the feet and hands and other body parts were swollen, but they were too swollen cornea. Should undergo Lasik when the cornea is back to normal, which is about 3 months after childbirth or after 3 months of breastfeeding.

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