Things You Should Preparing Before Having Lumpectomy Surgery Procedure

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Body Measurements
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There are some thing you should preparing before having lumpectomy surgery procedure. Here is an overview of the preparation before, during, and after a lumpectomy in breast cancer patients:

Before Surgery Lumpectomy

  • At the hospital on the day of surgery, the patient will wear clothes from the hospital and wait in the preoperative holding area.
  • If the tumor can not be seen or felt, the surgeon will use a procedure before surgery to locate and mark the tumor using a mammogram or ultrasound.
  • The surgeon or nurse may be signaled to the breast to show where the incision (surgery) will be created. Usually this is done with a felt-tip marker.
  • Furthermore, the patient will be taken to the anesthetic room, where a nurse will put an IV (intravenous line) to the hand or arm. Soon after this, the patient will be given sedatives (anesthesia) intravenously.
  • Most patients undergoing lumpectomy choose to use anesthetic (anesthetic) to numb only locally in the area to be surgery alone, but some others choose to use general anesthesia (anesthesia).