Tips Medication and Treatment After Cataract Surgery Procedure

You might think its easy about the treatment and medication after cataract surgery procedure. After cataract surgery you may feel that your current glasses are no longer appropriate. This is caused by changing the strength of the eye due to surgery. Usually the size of the operated eye will be stable after 1 month, at which time you can re-measure the size of your glasses. Avoid driving a car or motorcycle until you confident that your vision is clear.

  • Drugs and Diet. For the first few days, clean the operated eye with cleaning fluid sterile eye and cotton balls are given to you. You can continue to clean up your eyes with lukewarm water and then clean gauze.
  • Please use the eye drops and medicines prescribed by a doctor, even if you feel your eyes are fine. Do any drops into your eyes other than eye drops as prescribed. Always wash your hands before putting drops eye.
  • Keep your eye drops and medicines as directed. Do not store medication instructions exceed the time because the drug may be contaminated.
  • Shake the bottle of eyedrops before use. Lend your head back, look upward and pull the lower eyelid. Drops only ONE drops into the eyes, avoid contact with the eyelashes. Wait 5 minutes before putting drops other eye.
  • You are allowed to eat as usual. There is no ban on food after cataract surgery. Regular diet can be resumed.
  • When should I see a doctor after surgery?You need to go back to the doctor for an eye examination the day after surgery. The next appointment is usually after 1 week and 1 month after surgery. Keep all your appointments, even if you feel healthy and look good.

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