Tips Reduce Eye Bags Problem Without Having Eyelid Surgery Procedure

Without eyelid surgery procedure, you can reduce the eye bags problem from your face. How the solution naturally eliminate eye bags? Although the panda is an animal that is adorable, but got the nickname the panda’s eyes at all follow-plume. Nickname panda eyes intended for the owner of a black eye bags under the eye area. People with panda eyes tend to look tired and look older

Natural Solutions Eliminating Eye Pouch

1. Potatoes

Catecholase the content contained in potatoes is a natural substance that can reduce eye bags. It’s easy. First peeled and sliced ​​piece of meat and grated potatoes until smooth. After that, wrap grater was with when and attach each to the eyelids. Let stand for 15-20 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Perform this treatment regularly for 3 times a week and feel the difference.

2. Green Tea

Anti-inflammatory compounds in green tea called EGCG may reduce the liquid causes eye bags. How to use is by dipping a green tea bag into warm water for a few seconds. After the tea is warm, lift and lower eyelids and put on for 5 to 10 minutes.

3. Milk

Not only fresh and healthy body, fresh milk also has the benefit of eliminating eye bags. Vitamins and protein contained in milk can eliminate the black part under the eyes. How to soak two cotton into fresh cow’s milk is cooled, then lift. Eye bags with cotton compress soaked during 10-15 minutes then remove and rinse with cold water.

4. Leaf Mint

Cool and refreshing effects caused mint leaf turns can also be used to remove eye bags. The trick is to refine some mint leaves and put it at the bottom of the baggy eyes.

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