Treatment After Having Blepharoplasty Surgery

Treatment After Blepharoplasty

Eyes become an important part of the beauty of women, so do not be surprised if a lot of popping the latest methods with the aim to achieve beautiful eye coveted majority of these women. You certainly know by planting eyelashes which serves to make more slender eyelashes and thick in the long term is not it? Well, there is one other technique in beautifying eyes started loved many women are also called blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery. As the name implies, this operation aims to beautify the eyelids.

The recovery process after surgery of eye bags is actually not very complicated long as the patient obeys what the doctor suggested.

  • For a period of about a week or more, patients may experience pain and discomfort in the eye.
  • It may appear too swollen and bruised eye that everything can be solved with the help of painkillers.
  • To prevent the possibility of infection, the patient should apply an antibiotic ointment on the eyes for a few days so that the stitches are not infected.
  • Patients may have difficulty sleeping due to mild eye discomfort, but it usually goes away by itself within a few days.
  • Protect your eyes from the sun either by staying indoors or wearing sunglasses every time out of the room is also recommended.
  • Patients were also encouraged to sleep with the prop head to prevent the accumulation of fluid on the eyelids.

Body Statistics Table

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