Useful Information Bunions Treatment Without Surgery

Are you searching for treatment of bunions without surgery? This might you help much about it. Bunions is a kind of wart disease that usually occurs in the foot. Although it looks small, but if left unchecked the disease may require minor surgery to remove it. In fact, many ways to eliminate fish eyes naturally without drugs or surgery. The fish eye disease itself is caused by a virus called Human Papillomavirus (HPV). In addition to the soles of the feet, the disease is also sometimes arise in the heels, toes, hands, fingers, until his face and mouth. But this fish eye mostly occur in the leg area.

And of course there are treatment of bunions without surgery that you can choose. we will discuss here is how to treat the bunion with natural ingredients and traditional. What are they?

  • Papaya sap

Besides the fruit can be used to make delicious preserves, papaya also has a sap that is useful to be a cure for a powerful the bunion. First, wipe your feet first with warm water that has been mixed with salt.

Soak the foot area which has the bunion in the warm water for approximately 15 minutes. After that, wipe with plain water and dry using a clean towel. Once dry, apply papaya latex in the area affected by the bunion

  • Cambodia sap

For the treatment method, first clean the affected area first the bunion as the above. After that, apply frangipani sap in the area evenly. Take this medication regularly to bunion disappeared.

  • garlic

take a clove of garlic and then mash until smooth. After a smooth, oleskanlah to the entire surface of the skin exposed fish eye diseases. After that, balutlah by using bandages or gauze. Within a few days, the eyes of the fish will begin to improve and eventually recovered completely.

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