Vaginoplasty Surgery Procedure Makes Woman Confidence

It was believed that Vaginoplaty surgery procedure could boost woman confidence. In the process of childbirth, the muscles of the vaginal wall and connective tissues surrounding stretch and there may be some fiber that even disconnected. Postpartum naturally the muscles will tighten up and the connective tissue around it will also shrink themselves back into its normal anatomical shape like the time before birth. In the young women this will occur.

But with age and experience maternity recurring events, then the power of muscle contraction is reduced / saturation, diminishing the connective tissue elasticity properties so consequently the vaginal walls become loose and lose traction. This affects the sensation during sexual intercourse takes place, and this becomes the most frequently complained of by the client. Aesthetic surgery procedure to correct slack vaginal muscles called vaginoplasty.

As well as the muscles of the vaginal wall, the inner lips of the vagina also will be stretched because of the encouragement of the fetal head during childbirth. Unlike the vaginal wall thickness and structure of muscle tissue backers, the lips of the vagina is only made up of a thin connective tissue that ability back to the normal anatomical shape of the original smaller. With age and experience maternity recurring events, the connective tissue in the lips of the vagina diminishing elasticity properties that form the inner lips of the vagina become loose and stretched out past the outer lips of the vagina area.

The thickness of the inner lips of the vagina in women averaging around 2-3 mm, and the highly stretched state can achieve 2-3 times its original size. Complaints are often expressed client is an inconvenience, especially when there is excess friction between the lips of the vagina with underpants or excess friction between the inner lips are pushed into the cavity of the vagina during intercourse. Aesthetic surgery procedure to correct vaginal lips is called labiaplasty.

The principle of correction vaginal muscles is by making an incision openings in the rear wall of the vaginal mucous membrane to reach the muscles of the vaginal wall, and then the muscles sliced, tightened and stitched with thread that is absorbed. Excess muscle, soft tissue, mucous membranes and tissues removed, opening the incision is then closed and sewn with thread absorbed. Surgical scar will not be visible because it is located inside the vaginal cavity.

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