Weird Cases That Happen As A Result From Breast Surgery

Cases Breast Surgery

Had a bigger chest and sexy look is the goal of breast implants, which lately is very much done by the artists and ordinary people without thinking about backward effects of the implant. Many say that it is safe for the body, and some people have already proved it. But we never know willingness of our bodies, whether it accepts this artificial substances into the body or not. Here are some odd cases of breast implant problems that have occurred in the world. Some of it is really weird and you can’t believe that the weird case because if the breast implant is really happen and there are some people in the world who really experienced it.

The implant moved to the back and belly

Tian Hui perform breast surgery in 2002 and hopes her business to get a sexy chest can increase confidence. This was done because she caught her husband, Chiu, an affair with a younger woman with plumped breasts. But after more than a decade of surgery it began to show symptoms of something wrong. Hui implants began to shift and sometimes put it back to normal. This was done repeatedly until it was too far and the implant sometimes moved to her back and belly.

Almost died because the implant explode

Tormented by breast implants also experienced by a Brazilian model, Sheyla Hershey. After a few times doing it with PIP implants, Sheyla are planning to do the other surgery to get larger breasts. But what happens, these implants explode and make her experience a serious problem it with her breasts. Sheyla even in a coma for several days.

Died after the sixth breast surgery procedure

Most famous cases as a result of breast implant that is tipped with death experienced by adult film stars from Germany, Caroline Berger. Shortly after undergoing breast implants to add its volume, sexy actress who was called Cora’s in a coma for nine days. According to the results of the medical examination, the 23-year-old girl suffered acute complications while undergoing surgery for the sixth time. While on the operating table of a beauty clinic in Hamburg, Cora suffered two heart attacks. Even she could lose the intake of oxygen for 15 minutes.

Breast implant caused cancer

adverse effects on health caused by breast implants involved a British girl, Luna. Now the little girl is 5 years old malignant brain cancer, due to rupture of silicone implants of the mother, Lucy Petagine. Silicone fluids from Lucy turns was inedible by Luna during breastfeeding. After conducting silicone breast implants Poly Implant Pristhese or PIP on a private surgeon Hospital in Highgate, North London in 2001, Lucy still breastfeeding at Luna. Though the implant is broken, but the surgeon will explain that Lucy health safe, and still be able to breastfeed. Turns effect is happening is terrible, Luna had swallowed the liquid from the age of 18 months. Luna then diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor called Ependymoma

Leaked Breast

Claire Stevenage perform using PIP breast implants in 2006, in a private clinic with a fairly cheap price. But three years later, Claire found a small lump in her armpit. After returning to the clinic where she hold the implant, medics said, the lump only effect of pregnancy. Claire was only given pain medication. After Claire giving birth, it turns out the lump is still there and leave the pain. In 2010, Claire went to another clinic, and an explanation, the lump is derived from a ruptured silicone from her breasts.

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