Youthful Laser Eye Under Eye Bags Treatment

Youthful Eye Bags Treatment

You can get your youthful looks back by conducting laser eye treatment for under eye bags. Bag under the eye lids is one thing that characterizes the aging process. Bag under the eye lids are the result of skin laxity and weakness of the muscles of the eye frame due to the age. In general, this procedure is a procedure which is quite often discussed clients over the age of 40 years, which form under the eye lids they’ve clearly visible slacken due to aging (droopy, baggy).

Corrective eyelid surgery is not complicated surgical technique. The operation can be done in a state of local anesthesia (unconscious, not sleeping), and the operating time + 1 hour. However, it does not mean this type of operation is easy, need precision and high accuracy to achieve an ideal end result postoperatively.

Plastic surgery with laser eye treatment for under eye bags is quite common. The principle of tighten eyelids or eyelid crease under the eyes is to reduce the skin and subcutaneous excess fat, tightening the (reduced) frame eye muscles, and reduce the tarsus (cartilage tissue eyelid).

Laser eye treatment for under eye bags becoming trend recently. Although detailed surgical technique is not as complicated as eyelid surgery on the eye, nonetheless accuracy and precision must be considered carefully. It is important to note is the amount of fat tissue removed, as well as how much excess skin remaining to be thrown away. If both of these are not considered carefully, look under the eye lids can be strange. Under the eye lids can be curved concave, and / or lower edge of the eye lids drawn down cause eye opening wider and sinister.

Treatment options to remove bags under the eyes in the past largely depends on the surgical procedure called blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty requiring an incision for easy retrieval fat pads of the lower eyelid. Although the aesthetic results achieved are generally pretty good, but needed a lot of rest and there may be a complaint that could take up to 2-4 weeks.

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